Our Fleet

Our Fleet covers all areas of your haulages needs, from a Light goods tipper with a payload up to 1 tonne , 4 wheeler tipper with a payload up to 12 tonnes , and 8 wheelers with a payload of up to 20 tonnes.

Midland Rock have both steel and insulated aluminium bodied trucks to suit your site requirements, insulated vehicles are fitted with chutes if required.

Most of our trucks are fitted with automatic sheeting systems, which enables their loads to be covered safely from inside the drivers cab. Most of our vehicles also have cab operated tailboards when it is important for the driver to stay in his vehicle, for example when carrying contaminated materials or large rocks which could fall out when opening the tailboard or when tipping.

All our vehicles are fitted with audible reversing systems, audible left-hand turning indicators and rear view cameras, making for a safer Midland Rock delivery. All new vehicles within our fleet are fitted with 5-camera recording systems and side-scan warning systems to assist drivers in reducing blind spot incidents with vulnerable road users.

We also offer a grab service, Midland Rock provides you with a modern lorry and a fully-qualified driver.

If you have any queries or questions don’t hesitate to Contact us.